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Dwell Studios Baby Blanket - Monogrammed
Blankets are one of the best baby gifts on earth because there is always something you can do with a blanket. It's always nice to have one to cover the baby carrier when you go out in the cold or the rain. It's always nice to have one handy when you are visiting a friend so you can throw the baby on the floor to play with the dog. It's always nice to have one in your car so you can have impromptu picnics (or cover up tee-tee soaked car seats 'til you can get home and start the de-urination process - not that I'd know anything about that). So this 100% cotton jersey blanket from Dwell Studios in stunning shades of pink really fits the bill. Measuring at 28"x38", this blanket goes everywhere you need it to go and washes and wears beautifully. Monogram will be in Fushia to match the trim.

Price: $20.00

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